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Host of the “A Tattoo Podcast”, principal investigator for Better Tattooing, academic advisor, health legislator in Oregon, educator, innovator… He has a lot of energy!

 Rian started his tattoo journey in the early 2000s, in Toronto, Ontario Canada. During his time in tattooing, he ended up traveling across this continent learning aspects of the trade from accomplished specialists. He has undergone multiple apprenticeships focusing on all aspects of tattooing and enjoys the foundational approach to design work that is unique to tattooing. “I have no applied style, but I do enjoy working on large-scale projects and ultra-fine detailed small pieces the most. Most importantly, I enjoy collaborating with clients during the design phase. Working with people to achieve a quality tattoo is just… well, rad!”


“The Bill Nye of tattooing, Rian has spent over 20 years in the industry. He is involved with tattoo related: scientific research, education, philosophy, and legislation. His approach focuses on true collaboration with every client to achieve a tattoo the client wants and enjoys for a lifetime.