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About the Author

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I am a journeyman tattooer.

I have worked in many locations throughout the United States and Canada. The opinions expressed on this site are based on my experiences and time spent in the industry. Some are also from amatuer scientific study.

An Apology

I would like to add a preface about what is written on this website: I am just a person who like to ask questions and think about what I see.

These articles are written to engage and educate those who are out in the wild world of tattooing, working in a shop, or just enjoying the culture. I will admit that some of the articles may be very specific regarding who they are written for, but I hope that anyone who reads them is able to take things from a different angle or better understand what someone else may be experiencing. 

A little about me:

On the tattooing side of things, I made my initial break into the tattooing industry in the early 2000’s. I actively sought out professionals to help me improve but, at that time, there was a different breed of shop owners who agreed to take the time to train me in what they considered safe practices inside the industry. While I am grateful for the experience, I did feel that I was missing something. There was little ability to progress in the world these mentors had presented me. I felt it was the key to always be learning and progressing.

My journey to increase my knowledge began on the road. At times I had to travel far from home. Others I had to straight up beg to get any information. It was an amazing journey, and it paved the way for me to start analyzing the tattoo industry to figure out where I fit into it.

Moving Forward

I really love learning. Getting into tattooing and not really having ll the information easily accessible was difficult to deal with though. To find out more, I sat and watched industry hotshots work, went to seminars and asked questions like a raving lunatic. Through all of this, I learned very little. Most of the people I had met were focused on the artistic side of tattooing and very few people understood the technical side of things.

Everything I had seen or heard had to be tested on a client and this felt like a crazy way to learn. Why wasn’t there a place or a person who could just give me the facts straight!? Then, I fell into a deep pocket of warm fuzzy comfort when I started taking the time to write down what I was doing and analyzing the results months after a procedure. It was like starting from scratch again but, I did have a great foundation of what not to do. This made it easy to identify what I knew would work and put it down for others to learn from.  I wanted to do good, and I was slowly learning how to get there.

Looking back, I am truly thankful for all those people, clients and other tattoo artists who had taken time to help me progress, even if it was a miserable experience at times.

In Closing

What can I say about me?

I would like to claim I say I am a consistent tattoo artist. I believe I am a good tattoo artist because I make far less mistakes than I did a decade ago. I listen to my clients and work with them. This idea of myself has pitfalls and leaves me wondering where to go from here.

I know I am far from great, and my philosophy of tattooing is extreme in some ways. Still, I wish to obtain a mastery of the technical aspects inside of tattooing and leave the art to the those who feel it is more important.

Because of this I want to apologize to any person in the industry who may take my musings the wrong way. It is not in my efforts to bash or critique anyone who is trying to make a living or improve their skill.

Welcome to my website. I hope you enjoy it.

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